Our chenille type curtains are handmade with the utmost care and attention, using the best threads. For this reason, a settling phase may occur a few days after hanging the curtain, lengthening threads (+/- 3%). This should not be considered a product defect but normal behaviour.
This problem may be easily avoided by evenly cutting and scorching ends, as indicated below.

disegni tecnici

This procedure may also be performed to reduce the entire curtain height and eliminate imperfections which, since handmade, may be found at thread ends.

During the packaging phase, the chenille type curtain is subject to pressure which does not alter the product. It may initially seem crushed but, once hung, it returns to its original softness and fluffiness.

The chenille type curtain is machine washable at 30°C with neutral detergent. We recommend separating the curtain from the track and inserting it in a bag (such as a pillowcase) to prevent twisting during the wash.
After use, the chenille type curtain can be stored in its packaging.

100% made in italy